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What exactly is a lockout?

Currently MLS is negotiating with the MLSPA about salary cuts and the CBA but it is getting to the point where the league's owners are threatening a lockout. What exactly is this? Coronavirus threw everything off in the world of sports and I don't know exactly what will happen.

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    A lockout is where management literally locks the doors to the workplace when a Collective Bargaining Agreement has expired (in lieu of operating under the existing agreement). In the sports world, it means that the owners have voted to prevent the players from practicing at team facilities and playing games and that the players will not be paid their salaries.  Recent examples?  The NHL locked the players out at the start of the 2012-2013 season (the regular season was reduced to 48 games (from 82)), and locked the players out for the entire 2004-05 season (regular season and playoffs).  

    A strike is when the players walk off the job (this is done when the players vote to authorise a strike per union rules).  This happened in 1994 with Major League Baseball.  A lockout is initiated by owners/management.

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    Generally if 2 sides can't agree on a contract, a couple things might happen. 1) If workers refuse to work it is called a strike.   2)  If employers refuse to let workers work it is called a lockout.  The lock the doors and don't let the workers in.  A lot of times people mistakenly still call this a strike.

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