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I have a bacterial infection in my lung after bronchoscopy surgery. Will I be okay?

I’ve been put onto antibiotics straight away. My breathing is bad and very wheezy but I can still breathe on my own. The doctor says they need to pull my stent up (I have had a stent in my windpipe for the last 7 years)

I’m worried about my health will I be okay

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    The best barometer for assessing your situation is how you have responded to the antibiotics.  If there has been improvement in any symptoms, the outlook is very good.  If there hasn't been enough time for the antibiotics to work, you will have to be patient and see what happens.  Most bacteria respond well to antibiotics. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Your doctor is a better source than us for an answer to your question.

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    This is a very specialized medical question which can only be answered meaningfully by a doctor who has access to your notes and scans. You will have to hope that they have given you the correct antibiotic, and if your condition changes for the worst then you need to tell them. I would have thought an iv antibiotic might have been better, but if the Covid-19 crisis means they can't re-admit you then just be vigilant and report any changes.

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