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How often do chickens lay eggs?

And whenever they lay eggs, have their eggs been fertilized?

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    That depends on the breed and the season. Generally, it takes 25 hours for the ovum to pass through the oviduct and become an egg. However, there was one hen, an Australorp, that laid more frequently. However, that breed is only a moderately good egg-layer. The best layers, in general, are the white Leghorns. You also have to factor in that, when the days get shorter, hens stop laying. You can keep them going through the winter with artificial light in the mornings. Some also stop when they go broody (Silkies and Austrolorps have the reputation of being good brooders) or when they molt. Figure that you have a good egg-layer if you get 180 to 220 eggs per year. If you get more, that's the one to breed from.

    The eggs will be fertilized if you have a rooster in with them. BTW, a cockerel is an immature male and cannot fertilize the eggs.

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    A laying hen will lay everyday, sometime twice. If there is no cockerel (caged birds there isn't) all her eggs will be unfertilized  Anon.

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