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The Scamdemic "lockdown" originated in a 2006 high school paper. Have you heard this?

I haven't read it yet, but sounds thought provoking:

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    Yeah, I heard that on the radio last week.  It is pretty pathetic really.  It originated with Baby Bush which isn't surprising.  The current virus leaves the young the healthy pretty much alone.  I heard the average age of those dying from this virus is older than the average life span.  The media has lost their interest in the virus moving to something else to bring down the country and try to get their touchy feely creep elected.  These scum will do anything for power.  

    I saw a protest in Huntington Beach a month ago protesting the lockdown.  There were American Flags everywhere.  People were happy and proud of America.  There were some Trump signs.  That was mostly Republican.  Now we get to see what Democrat demonstrations look like.  

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