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Does defibrillation have lasting effects on the Heart? ?

Hi there. I am a survivor of suffering 2 Cardiac arrests. One in October and one very recently in April. I've recovered well. I'm 30 years old, with no known illnesses or conditions. The reasons for them happening were sadly from purposely overdosing on medication during extreme depression. I am also an alcoholic, which I'm not proud of, but drowning my sorrows is the only thing that helps. Recently I've been getting chest flutters which can make me have a really rapid Heart Beat and sends me into a panic attack where I think I'm going to die. I know my heart rhythm was corrected because it wasnt pumping blood properly when I overdosed so when I feel it beat erratically I get scared that it's been weakened by the electric shocks and that I'll go into cardiac arrest again. Although I was in a coma and have no recollection of being defibrillated, I still am curious to know if it could have caused me Heart problems. My Doctors have done ECG's since and blood pressure checks regularly but the results are taking a long time and I feel on edge. Thankyou for any answers. 

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    Heart damage can be permanent but cleaning up your act will reduce the chance of needing another jump start in the future.

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