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What’s the difference between a date and a hangout? Do you think this is a date?

Girl told her guy friend (of 1 year) that she liked him, and he didn’t say whether or not he felt the same way, but told her that he has always wanted to hangout with her more and would love to see her soon. The girl is going to visit him (he lives 4 hours from her) and he told her that he’ll take her to the beach, visit a lighthouse, go out to eat, and explore the town. He also asked her if she wanted to stay the night (at a hotel), just in case she’s too tired to drive back home afterwards. So, do you think that’s a date?

*They go to the same college. They’re just in different states right now because it’s summer*

They have been talking to each other for 3 months now, and nothing sexual has been brought up.


Even if the girl decides to stay at the hotel, he won’t be staying with her. It’s just for her to get enough rest to drive back home.

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    He's crushing on her something crazy, but thinks he's so slick at hiding his feelings by calling it a hangout.  Yeah, it's a date.

    And I think it's significant that he wants to spend so much time WITHOUT having sex.  That's a sure sign he's into her, and not just trying to get some.

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    It sounds like a date to me because he plans to show her a good time and he's actually going to open his wallet and take her to dinner, etc.  

    A hang out is when some loser guy expects a girl to come to his house and "watch movies".  Yeah, he just wants sex.  I'm not a hang out girl.  Hopefully most girls aren't stupid enough to think that's a date.  

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    I don't think there is any difference in this case.

    Source(s): I don't think there is any difference in this case.
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