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Sexting blackmail help?

I told someone I was 19, and sent them a lot of nudes. I faked my Id and told him I was over age. I decided I didn’t want to do that anymore and want to stop, but they are kind of threatening blackmail (they didn’t explicitly say but a different girl told me he might). He has my full name and part of my DL on my license. 

Should I just block him or should I tell him I’m under age, or should I just try to take more nudes so he’ll leave me alone? I don’t want to get in trouble, even though it seems too late. 

And how much trouble can I get in for being under age?


Or should I just wait till I’m 18 and then block? I’m two months away

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    It all depends on the sexting and child pornography laws in your state.  In most states, it's illegal to take, send or possess child pornography even if you're underage.  Tell your parents about this right away.  They will know what to do next.  Block this guy and for goodness sakes, don't send out any more nudes to him or anyone for that matter.

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    The law is different depending on the state you're in, so asking a bunch of random people online isn't a good idea. You should talk to your parents. It will be hard but that's usually the best way. Usually they will be upset and shocked, but secretly kind of glad that you trusted them. That's up to you, though. If you are afraid to tell both, tell the one you trust the most. If you really feel like you can't tell either one, there are school counselors, priests, etc.

    BUT... before you talk to anybody, find out what the law is in your state. You can check the links below or do a web search on "sexting law" plus your state, so "sexting law in Texas" or wherever. 

    Here's the thing, though: if he's blackmailing you, the police will likely NOT charge you if you did anything wrong, or else they could give you probation and then seal the records when you reach age 18, so nobody will ever legally know. In blackmail, they usually want to get the blackmailer and will give you IMMUNITY (unless you embezzled a million bucks or murdered somebody).

    So see if you can talk to somebody that can set you straight. If you don't want to talk to somebody who can identify you, maybe there's a teen help "hotline" or something. But make sure to research the law first, like I said before. Good luck.

    Source(s): This site tells you about sexting laws: These guys are lawyers, but they have some info on the law:
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    You could get in a HUGE amount of trouble, and he will have the evidence that you lied and claimed to be 19.  You could be removed from your parents' home and sent to juvenile detention, until you are of legal age, then you will be kicked out on the street. Maybe your parents will take you back then, or maybe they won't.  Tell that louse of a human being that you are only x years old and you don't care what he does at this point.  Then block him.

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