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Lymphoma Question ?

I asked a question before, but I am terrified of lymphoma. I have a gland around the size of a pea swollen in front of my ear. It doesn’t hurt, I had a sinus infection a month ago but I’m not sure if it was from that and just hasn’t gone down? It is mobile and isn’t too hard. I thought it could be allergies and I don’t have any fever and no bruising. Just the swollen node. Are my symptoms equivalent to lymphoma? Side note to those commenting: if you are gonna comment please don’t just comment to complain about my post or call me rude names Understand this worries me and commenting rude stuff won’t help me.  

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    A lymph node the size of a pea is barely enlarged and sounds completely normal, particularly following s recent infection.

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  • 1 month ago

    No your symptoms do not indicate lymphoma. But you could use some help dealing with this pretty irrational fear, one that terrorizes you, which is not normal. You will be a lot more comfortable dealing with the fear.

    • Hannah1 month agoReport

       I am trying to not be nervous but I haven't heard about anything being wrong with my blood ( no call) at least if something was horrible,I am sure they would call but I just can't stop thinking about a possibility of having something like cancer. Do you have any advice

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