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Can getting a Blood Count blood test tell you if you have cancer?

My lymph node in front of my ear has been swollen for about a month. I so happened to have a blood test for other reasons and was curious if a blood test for white count can indicate cancer? I am afraid, and yes, I know I shouldn’t be but I had a traumatic experience and now cancer has become a fear. I don’t know if my lymph node could be swollen from allergies? It doesn’t hurt but I got the blood work today (it wasn’t for that though) but could it indicate cancer? I should know the results tomorrow. No news is good news.  Ps. If you are gonna be rude about my question, don’t comment please. I’ve had to deal with people like that before and I’ll just thumbs down. 

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    Only a few types of cancer show definite results on blood tests.

    More can give an indication that cancer is a possibility.

    Many give no indication at all in blood tests.

    Add: most swollen lymph nodes are a normal reaction to infection and inflamation.

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      Lymphoma is not diagnosed from blood tests. It is generally diagnosed by a biopsy of s suspicious lymph node.

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    As I already answered, but a CBC can indicate some cancers. One tiny node is not lymphoma

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