I keep getting rejected for jobs, what do I do? ?

Jobs that I am perfect for, easy *** jobs that a freaking monkey could do, I get rejected by all. I don’t know what to do. It’s one after the other. I’ve even asked a few if they could reconsider because I would be a great employee, they say no. I’ve tried everywhere just about, including fast food, turned down there too. 

I am super depressed and fed up. I have even had suicidal thoughts. It doesn’t help when your sister talks about her high paying job all the time. I feel like I nail interviews 98% of the time. I am 30 and desperate for employment. I’ve been to rehabilitation services, staffing places and unemployment office, but no luck. Right now I’d call bingo numbers for elderly people if it payed. That’s how desperate I am. 

I am autistic, fairly high functioning, I sometimes disclose that in interviews, sometimes don’t. I know about the disability rights law in every state, but I feel employers are often going against it. I’d rather be dead right now. Please help! I am in Arkansas btw

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