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How do I stop exaggerating my role in other people's lives?

Every time I begin to like a guy I can't stop fixating on him. I'm a romantic person and I physically can't avoid fantasising about what it could turn into/a possible future - essentially exaggerating my importance to them when they probably don't think the same about me.

I do it without fail EVERY single time, constantly thinking about them and it inevitably ends up in me being distraught when it never goes further than the initial talking stage. 

Essentially I have an inability to just fancy someone. I become infatuated. 

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    When you do this, you are setting yourself up for failure because you are getting way to ahead of yourself which sets you up for failure every time. Your anticipating what could be before you even get to know a guy and that's not fair to yourself or the guys you take an interests in. You should consider seeing a therapist for this.

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