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feeling discouraged.. did I miss an opportunity?

I really like this guy who is 1 year younger than me. I'm 17 and he's either 15 or 16.  (Honestly, I feel more like 15/16 in the sense that I'm not very sophisticated).  Sadly he has a girlfriend (unless they broke up).  But, I doubt he likes me back, but I can tell we do have some things in common. 

Today my teacher for online school "class" broke us up into groups to form sentences with a Spanish tense we've been studying.  I got my crush (and 2 other random ppl lol).  Even though he's not in my grade we both are in the same Spanish class.  I felt so awkward talking from behind the screen, and after our group was done sharing our sentences examples, we just sat there without talking. 

My crush did talk specifically to me.  While I was saying my example, I got confused and tried to give another example, but then he jumped in and tried to nicely help explain what I was saying. Then he went "right?" (like "is that it?") and I almost forgot to respond bc you know.. STILL, I wish I could've made conversation other than THAT. I felt too awkward to stare at him and I was turning red. 

I'm bummed that he didn't talk more. I almost wish the 2 other kids weren't in the group, but maybe that would've been WORSE. I DOUBT he likes me in that way. It sucks because he is in my dreams every night. I CAN'T stop thinking about him. 

Is it weird I mainly like guys in my grade & the grade below me? There's a couple of older guys/older celebs I find attractive, but not as much as these guys

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    Don't worry about the age difference for the time being, and find a way to let him know your interested in him. Its not weird to like guys a bit younger than you.

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