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I have a 6 mos old Springer Spaniel. She can hold it all night but has to go out every hour to hour and a half. Has held for 12 hrs to home?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    • "I have a 6 mos old Springer Spaniel. She can hold it all night but has to go out every hour to hour and a half. Has held for 12 hrs to home"

    [Steve], you need to focus and to LEARN!

    🟢1: You have been in YahooAnswers for 1 year, during which you have 3 times clicked the

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    but each time you have totally failed to ASK us anything. Get your teacher to teach you what a QUESTION looks like, and how to write one. Remember that unless it ASKS us something, it is NOT a question.

    Most questions start with one of these words:

    🔸 How . If . What . When . Where . Which . Who . Whom . Whose . Why .

    There are some other possible ways to start a question - but until you fully understand what a question IS, stick to those 10 words. Remember that only 2 of them do NOT start with "Wh", so maybe you should check whether what you want to ask starts with a "Wh", a "How", or an "If".

    🟢2: During that year you have answered only 1 question - but it was YOUR OWN question. We are NOT supposed to answer our own questions! Instead ....

    🟢3: Remember that, when you are asked for extra information, or you suddenly realise that you left something helpful or important out, the PROPER procedure is to:

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    🔸 Always check and clarify or correct before you click [Submit]. Any errors still there when you click [Submit] can NOT be corrected, ever.

    I had intended to answer 2 questions tonight, but I am VERY tired, so I am off to bed and hope to see your REAL question when I return in about 23 hours from now.

    Kreaky Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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  • 1 month ago

    "She 'can' hold it all night but has to go out every hour to hour and a half"  This makes no sense.  Put in a dog door so she can come & go when needed.  As she gets older this may stop.  Did you have a question?  You gave us a statement.

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  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    So at 6 months old she is toilet trained and that is good, she is not up and running around at night so is more likely not to feel the need to toilet however 'holding on' for many hours can cause issues, so have a vet check to ensure she doesn't have a UTI..... I noticed you commented on someones post that she refuses to toilet anywhere apart from home... that is fairly normal for younger pups/dogs who are not confident, as when toileting they feel vunerable, so confident at home but not confident when out, so you have some more work to do building her confidence, so daily more socialisation as in new sounds, smells, sights.... if the toileting hourly is more recent it could also be she is marking or is due to come into season, but a 6 months who is running around/playing and she is what I would call a 'busy' breed that stimulates the bladder/bowels so she will go more

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  • 1 month ago

    Collect some of her urine and have it checked for a UTI or other bladder problem, by your vet.

    Bitches seem to be more prone to holding like this, than males.  We have one who refused to pee from the moment we left home (around 9 am) to almost 11 the following morning despite me taking her in and out from out motel room all evening.  Reception were in fits.  I was about to find a vet to catheterise her, so I sympathise.   The next overnight stay she did pee by around 9 pm but she has never 'gone' off her property here otherwise.   I wasn't so concerned re her lack of bowel movement as she'd gone before we left (each time) and hadn't eaten much during the 24 hours away.

    I'm not sure how to correct this tbh -  my b itch is now 11.5 years and despite at one time, me getting up and taking her out front (grass too) to get her to at least pee first thing, she wasn't having any.  What will happen if we move, heaven knows.   I once met a distraught couple who'd spent hours walking round a local forest with their b itch who lived in an apartment.  No way would she empty........

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  • PR
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Each 1.5 hours is frequent. Either she has a bladder infection, or she wants to go out and play. If she is having accidents, she probably has an infection. Take her to the vet. By the way: 12 hour is too long for any dog to "hold it". That, alone, can cause a bladder infection to develop.

    • she  has a phobia. she will  not go anywhere but home unless she cannot hold it any longer. This was on a road trip. No urinary problem. Part of the time it is for play, but then she does not go. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Females are more prone to Urinary tract infections since they squat close to the ground..

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