How long are parents legally required to support a disabled adult child in New Jersey ?

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    according to LSNJ:

    In February 2017 a law went into effect that says that unless a court orders otherwise (including an order reached by agreement of the parties), child support will end when a child turns 19. Child support may be continued beyond that date, if the child is in school or a state or federal agency has determined that the child is disabled. For more details on that law, see New Jersey’s New Child Support Termination Law.

    Child support will end on (or before) the child’s 23rd birthday, even when an adult child is eligible for child support beyond age 19, due to the child’s disability. There is no way to continue child support beyond the child’s 23rd birthday. But an adult disabled child may be eligible for financial maintenance from the non-custodial parent.

    18....if they are appointed legal guardian, they must still ensure the adult child is properly cared for.  The child would be getting SSI (unless they have other income or resources) that would be used for the support of that person.  The guardian isn't legally required to provide direct financial support, but if the adult child's needs are not met because the parent refuses to kick in support, their guardianship could be revoked and the disabled adult child placed in state care.

    even if the adult childs needs are being minimally met, but the guardian is living in luxury because they refuse to support the adult child...that could be deemed emotional abuse and guardianship terminated.

    for example, guardians eat tasty expensive food, have fancy furniture, and other nice things, but the adult child only gets cold cereal, sandwiches and other bare minimum food, has a worn out bed, uncomfortable limited clothes, limited recreation...that would be emotional abuse.

    If its a divorce, it depends on the court order for support.  State laws vary on this.  I have heard stories of court ordered child support for disabled adult children.  I  can't specifically remember if any were in NJ.  Parents do not have to agree IF a court orders continued support.

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  • Legally, financially until they are 18. After they turn 18, the government becomes responsible, if they are unable to independently.  Some have parents who continue to choose to be responsible and supply support and the son or daughter becomes their dependent.  Being a guardian does not require financial support Financial support for an adult disabled child can't be a requirement of a divorce settlement unless both parties agree.

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      a court can order continued support for a disabled adult child in NJ

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