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Did I do the right thing?

I broke up with a guy I dated for 3mths, in our relationship he would always show me pics of him & other girls & had lots of girls on insta.

He’s 22 & lives at home. He blows his money drinking every Saturday night with his mates & used to do cocaine/LSD every 2nd weekend. He said I was more important so he stopped using but still drinks every Sat night.

He would text his girl mates all the time when we were together (I felt anxious he was cheating on me) but would get anxious if I went out with other guys. I started to feel not good enough & unhappy.

2wks before our break up I got drunk &

texted nasty things like I didn’t love him, that he was a creep, a piece of **** & I wanted to break up.

We saw each other at work, I said sorry & he said I had emotional issues, that he was the best boyfriend to me & broke up with me.

We agreed to stop texting so I blocked him for 1wk during which I received a phone call from his mate I heard guys yelling to “take it off” & girls yelling “wooo”.

That hurt, I know I hurt him but he hurt me too during our relationship & he never apologized, he said he didn’t even remember being on his phone around me.

He asked me if I got with a male friend (after we broke up) who I hung out with & he acted all hurt & jealous when I didn’t answer.

He keeps coming up to me at work trying to chat to me like normal. He came in on his day off work to say hi & to tell me he was meeting a “female friend” at the pub.

Was it right to break up with him?

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i wouldnt go out with someone thats done drugs

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