should i date a trump supporter?

i don’t know what to do. my boyfriend loves trump and says he’s changed the economy so much. he has a trump sticker on his laptop. i think trump is a bad person from what i’ve heard. i’m scared that my boyfriend agrees with his sexist and racist views. i sure hope he’s not okay with sexual assault. i try and have a nice convo with him about his rape allegations and i ask why he still supports him. he just says “what are your sources” “can’t believe the internet.” he always has to be in the right. i don’t know what to do anymore. his views make me so angry. 

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    1 month ago
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    I think it is worth it to have a polite conversation with him. Without getting too political, me being a moderate would date anyone regardless of their party (democrat or republican). Politics doesn't have to be a big part of a relationship and if you disagree with one another, you should essentially "agree to disagree." However, with everything going on in the news lately with Trump, you do have a right to be scared that your boyfriend agrees with his sexist and racist views. If he is racist and sexist and doesn't seem to listen to your opinions, you should probably break up with him, as this relationship will likely only get worse. BUT, if you two can talk and he can listen to you and honestly explain why he supports Trump, then great. Maybe he really likes what Trump has done to the economy but isn't really up on current events. No one is perfect, but he should be able to see that Trump has also done some really BAD things and said some awful things or not taken any action. Try talking to him one more time. 

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