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I have a question about the BLM movement?

I shared this Desmond Tutu quote on my story, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” What I meant by it is that the least people can do is recognize their privilege and open their eyes to the oppression of poc. By neutrality, I meant not thinking this situation applies to you and being indifferent. It wasn’t a statement about the violence, and it didn’t mean to target those who aren’t speaking about the situation on their social media. But people have mixed views on the quote, and some are butthurt. Can someone explain to me the “sides” of this situation and how people could’ve taken it offensively, because I am confused. I don’t understand how they see “neutrality” in this situation, and no one has explained it to me.

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    {Just because someone famous says something does not make it gospel.} Here is white privilege in 5 words: WORK HARD AND LIVE MORALLY.

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