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Tips for swallowing larger pills?

I got a prescription for a UTI and man. Those are BIG pills! I am not used to taking such a large pill. I have to take them twice a day for 10 freaking days too. I had a little trouble when I took my first one. I almost seemed like it was trying to dissolve a little in my mouth because I got "pill taste". It did go down eventually though.

I think my main thing is I'm freaked out I'm going to choke on one if they're big. I take BC pills and they're really small and super easy to take. I don't typically take medication aside from my BC, so I'm not used to a pill that size.

What tips are there to help make taking these things easier?


I don't want to mash them. I don't think you're allowed to. I also don't know about cutting them in half. Would that make them less effective? I want to ensure I'm getting my full dosages so this stupid UTI will go away. I've never had one before and I hope I never get one again because it SUCKS.

Update 2:

Thank you for the tips. I had a problem this morning too. I tried drinking water as I took the pill and it still stopped right before going down. I tasted the "pill taste" again. These pills say they very quickly absorb into your system, so that's likely why they start to dissolve so fast. I couldn't harm the effectiveness by that, right? I definitely want to ensure they're fully effective so they act appropriately and get rid of this UTI.

Update 3:

Small amount of food worked PERFECT. Thank you SO much!

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    Use a small amount of food with the pill. I always take pills that way, as I have a very difficult time swallowing pills without food, even if I take a huge drink of water with it.

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    You swallow wads if food so you have to fool yourself into natural swallowing not forced. Put them in a little applesauce, pretend to chew and swallow. Some pills can be cut in half without any change, ask the provider or the pharmacist

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    Take a big swallow beforehand, to get some moisture in there and to remind yourself how swallowing works. Then do it for real with a generous amount of water and focus on the water, not so much on the pill except to maneuver it to a place where it'll follow the water down.

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