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Is the brain still alive after the death of the body?

I read somewhere that when the body dies, the brain is still alive for a few minutes, is this true? And if so could that be the mind getting ready to leave the brain?  


The mind leaving the brain hasn't been proven, but though id ask.

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    No, I wouldn't say it's been proven but the evidence is very interesting. 

    Sam Parnia is one of the doctors who have studied the near-death experience and gotten his study published in a medical journal. He says there's no particular point in time when the brain is considered dead. He says it's a process.

    Dr Parnia is in video 1 below, talking about NDE with other doctors.

    An argument in favor of the idea that the mind continues to exist when the brain is dead is that although we might expect some kind of dim consciousness when the brain is in the "flat-line" state - no measurable electrical activity - the stories people tell are about having a very high level of consciousness, with very detailed memories.

    Another argument is that the NDE can happen when there's nothing wrong with the brain, when people are at risk of dying but in good health.

    Maybe the most interesting finding from the research is the study of people blind from birth who say they saw for the first time during their NDEs (video 2).


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