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How much probiotics did you use for bladder infection after taking 5 rounds of antibiotics that caused it to get it back to normal?

I am having trouble treating my severe bladder infection at home after receiving 5 rounds of antibiotics over a 8 months period that I believe caused my bladder infection because I didn't have one before.

 Now it bleeds. It does improve ( stops bleeding) after one dose of 40 billion probiotics in the morning but at night the bleeding starts up again not as bad.How much probiotics can I take to keep my bladder infection in check?  I do not want to go to the doctor again because they will give me more antibiotics and this I fear will make my bladder infection worse. (I was hospitalized for an infection unrelated to a bladder infection over the year. )What did you take to regain the proper flora balance in your bladder for health after taking mega antibiotics?Thank you for your help.Please do not advise me to see a doctor about this I already have.

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    1 month ago

    are you male or female?

    probiotics have no effect on the bladder

    they are the good bacteria for the intestines

    (gut) to help in normal digestion

    antibiotics removes the good as well as the

    bad bacteria from the intestines

    take it for fifteen days after a course

    of antibiotics

    as for the bleeding, get a culture of

    the urine sample done to find the

    exact bacteria

    get a sonogram scan done of the whole

    abdomen to see if there are kidney

    stones or bladder stones

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  • 1 month ago

    This is not how probiotics work. Probiotics won't fight the infection if you have one. Probiotics don't work for this.

    if you do have a bladder infection you need a better screening to find out why are you getting them so often (probably bad hygiene somewhere) and treatment for it. 

    You are being stupiid.

    Source : I'm a Dietitian. This is not what I prescribe probiotics for. Jesus.

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      The fact that you didn't go to medical school is exactly the reason why you should go to a doctor instead coming to Y/A waiting for people to solve a diagnosis. Duh

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  • 1 month ago

    Probiotics won't do anything for a bladder infection. They are not "medicine." Probiotics are only a supplement intended to aid in digestion and it takes weeks for them to have any affect. There's no alternative except to go see your doctor.

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