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Instead of protesting for black lives matter why don’t we protest for ?

To end lockdown instead? 

The virus isn’t real and is fake and have been meeting up all of my friends since Boris Johnson a national lockdown 

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    You know you're allowed to stage any kind of protest you like. Just because others are protesting for different reasons don't mean you can't go off and do your own thing. 

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  • 1 month ago

    have you noticed that the protests have pretty much done exactly that?

    after months and months of being told "this is the most important story EVER and if you don't abide by our rules and pay respects to our buzz words then you're just an ignorant, anti-science redneck (and probably racist)".... we've heard NOTHING about how these "protests" could be reversing gains against the spread of COVID...

    ...where is Sanjay Gupta to tell us how this could spark a public health crisis like he did when anti-lockdown protests occurred in other areas, put on by other demographic types? 

    ...where are Lemon, Cuomo and Cooper and their "Trump supporters = flaunting health rules" rhetoric?

    this has basically given the pop media the "out" they've been craving since places like Georgia and Florida have proven many of the "models" wrong...

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