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my rabbit's front tooth is loosee! PLEASE HELP ME?

last month I took my rabbit to vet to trim his front teeth since they were overgrown and after I got home some weeks later his tooth(lower left one)started to get tilted slowly, at first I thought It was always like that but one day I realized It got even loose and kinda brown it got tilted so much and his gum is red and white on top like maybe infection?

my mom said it was my fault to take him to vet AND SINCE VET HERE IS SO EXPENSIVE AND DUMB WITH RABBITS I SPENT MY WHOLE MONEY FOR HIM and my parents told me they won't give me money for vet again and they won't take me there (All vets are so far) I am so worried ...he means a lot to me...

he eats well but only if I make his food so small and he drinks well he is happy but can't eat big pieces...

he is a bit old he is 5 and I'm so scared of infections...can anyone tell me what to do?

I have metronidazole that is a safe rabbit unti infection and I know the safe dose but Idk if I should use it...

but what would the point of using it be if it keeps being infected...

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    There is a highly knowledgeable health moderator on that may offer suggestions. 

    Rabbits can live 10 years, so 5 is not old. I'd suggest hopping on the forum and asking. 

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