Suggestions on Gaming Monitors?

I'm looking to spend up $600/maybe a tadd more if it's worth it looking for gaming monitors. I can't decide if getting a 32 inch or lower or if it should be 4k or 1080p and on the ms lag of the monitor, too many options, too many different reviews. I need some suggestions. So far the main things I believe I should get is an IPS monitor and 144hz at least for gaming, please correct me if I wrong. There are some deals going on today, if anyone has a min to throw out some input or some suggestions or links, i could use some help to narrow down my decision. Atm I was going to buy 2 of the Sceptre Curved 32-inch Gaming Monitor, it has up to 185 hz with 3ms, tho it is a VA panel.

1 Answer

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