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What is wrong with my succulents? (Picture included)?

I picked them up from the store and planted them in cactus soil on Sunday.  They looked pretty healthy.  Then I planted some banana peel in the soil (a friend said it worked well for hers), and I left them with no water hoping they would latch into the soil better.  On Saturday, I watered them for the first time. They were looking droopy like in the picture.  I soaked the entire pot until I saw a slow drip coming from the drainage hole. I have a layer of stones (1inch) a layer of cactus soil (2inches).  It is now Monday and my plants haven’t perked up at all.  They are in partial sunlight.  This is my first ever plant, so I’m 100% going off online advice here! What should I do?

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    I do not know the benefits of a banana peel because succulents do not typically grow in enriched soil or soil with compost (rotting banana peel). However, I highly doubt the banana peel has anything to do with the wilted plant. 

    It may be transplant shock. For now, leave the plant in a sunny window and do not water the plant again unail the soil is very dry. When you do water, no need to saturate the soil.

    The cluster of four plants will have beautiful colorful flowers this summer if they get enough sun. The aloe plant is great to use the gel inside a leaf if you burn yourself. 

    Believe it or not, succulents do best if you ignore them. But, do turn the pot so the plants grow evenly and upright. Otherwise they will grow in one direction, towards the window.

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    2 months ago

    Looks cute!  2 things about succulents:   Keep them quite dry and don't over water.

    Make sure they aren't in standing water (they don't like their feet wet & will rot) 

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