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What would a romantic relationship between a Gemini-sun and Scorpio-moon, and a Cancer-sun and Sagittarius-moon look like?

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago

    It would depend entirely on the specific people.

    You've only given us 4% of who they are astrologically.

    Also, no astrologer uses signs to determine compatibility .. they look for certain distances (synastry aspects) between any of your 10 planets and Ascendant, and any of those planets/Asc in the OTHER person's chart. And the Signs don't matter at all.

    Lastly ... astrology is only an influence and not a controlling one. All it indicates is how the person will likely be if they do nothing to change or grow.

    And for relationships, the synastry only indicates the types of interactions between them .. but since relationship thrive only when we can handle the conflict and negative interactions, and since astrology is only an influence, there is no way to tell if the couple makes it work.

    THIS site does free synastry reports instantly. I give it a B- or C+ (there's not a lot of complete synastry for free on the internet, since most sites want you to PAY for it):

    But as with ALL astrology, you MUST use, for both people:

    - the day-month-year they were each born

    - the EXACT precise time of birth .. to the minute and not rounded off

    - the place of birth

    Otherwise, you cannot count on the results.

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