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Can I put a Bimini top on a paddle boat that doesn’t have one already built in?

I’m very new to this sort of thing but I’m looking into purchasing a paddle boat, I found a great deal on one but it doesn’t have a Bimini top on it and the manufacturer doesn’t sell any for this model of boat. I’m not sure if there’s different sizes of Bimini tops, or really how to install one. I watched a video of someone installing one on a regular boat but not a paddle boat and they needed to drill holes, is this okay to do on a paddle boat? Thank you!

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    Yes, you can get a bimini top for the boat.  It will have to be custom made as there isn't one from the manufacturer.  There may be a premade one from a boat supply place.

    Custom tops prices will vary depending on the size of the top and materials used.Holes will need to be drilled to mount the top and kicker leg.  

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