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Is there a chance I might be pregnant? ?

My husband and I had unprotected sex about two & a half months ago. I’ve always been lactose intolerant & my side effects are normally just a gurgling stomach. Recently, my side effects after consuming dairy have been, severe sharp pain in my stomach, lots and lots nausea & embarrassingly loud gurgling. I’ve taken pregnancy tests but they are coming out negative. When I was pregnant with our first child, all the pregnancy tests came out negative. I would love to get a blood test done but with everything going on, I’d rather not take a chance. Is there anyway I could be? Thank you. 

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    Have you been having periods?  if yes, not pregnant

    Have you recently take a home pregnancy test?  After two months, I would trust a 'not pregnant' reading.


    < Is there anyway I could be?  >

    What part of unprotected sex isn't clear to you in terms of getting pregnant?

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