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Keep myself busy to help not think? Is that so WRONG like my friends claims?

Is it wrong to keep myself super busy so I don’t have to think much about problems?

I was depressed before I went back to school. I took 27 units in college to stay extra busy and I was my happiest, because I didn’t have to think much about my problems. Is this so wrong? I graduated recently and am starting to keep myself extra busy with 3 jobs. I’m sorry I don’t have time to hang out. I’m busy. Yes, I purposely don’t like to give myself time to breathe but that’s normal. At least I can’t think about suicidal thoughts anymore.

I stopped therapy because I was feeling worse and I feel much better just being super busy

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    I'm not saying you're wrong or that your friend is wrong. What I'm saying is that it seems to me that you have a temporary solution, and that you should be thinking about what to do when you need something else.

    That's my impression. I don't know you so I can't be sure of this.

    Temporary solutions are not bad. If you're waiting for the ambulance, tying a belt around your arm to keep you from bleeding to death is a great temporary solution. You have a solution that's keeping you alive right now. Good.

    You have a LOT of options. Not knowing exactly what your problem is, I can't give you very detailed advice. I can at least tell you that a lot of things help with depression.

    Think about the things in this answer, under DEPRESSION TREATMENTS. 

    I've written a lot of mental health answers, with advice for different problems. If you give me some more info maybe I can be more helpful.

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  • Kelley
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    1 month ago

    Jesus loves you.  Do not commit suicide.  

    Come out demon of suicide in the name of Jesus!  

    You will not die in the name of Jesus.Follow God.Attend church.Read the Bible.

    • Carbon1 month agoReport

      Are you serious about this post?

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