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why did the U.K. have similar riots that is going on now in the USA back in 2011 over a immigrant from Thailand ?


remember the apocolypse that happened in London back in August 2011?  double decker buses set on fire, shops looted right and left. and all over a guy from Thailand or where was he from? why such uproar over him?

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    Those riots started over the shooting of Mark Duggan by armed police officers who had been informed that Duggan had a firearm and was on his way to commit a gang-related attack.

    Armed officers claimed they were shot at by Duggan and returned fire, killing him. Subsequent investigation revealed that although Duggan had a converted blank-firing pistol in his sock, it had not been fired. The investigation, however, ruled it to be a lawful killing.

    This sparked wide protests in North London of police overreaction and heavy-handedness, which eventually turned violent. These protests then exploded into riots, which had more to do with the "austerity measures" introduced by the government, general disaffection with politicians, unemployment and poverty, social exclusion and, of course, the "rioting for fun" and criminal opportunism elements. It lasted 5 days.

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    Pakis and blacks from Tottenham and Hackney egged each other on due to their community values

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    Mark Duggan was not an immigrant from Thailand or anywhere else. He was born in Britain and his parents were of mixed Irish and Afric-Caribbean origin.

    I don't know where you got the idea that he came from Thailand, or that 'the Apocolypse' happened in London'.

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    What riot would that be. I can never remember a riot in the UK over immigrant from Thailand.

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