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Would this D.I.Y. amphibious motorcycle actually work?

I found this on google images and I just have to know if this would work or be practical. I know it's been done with quads and A.T.V.s but I have never seen someone do it with a two wheel vehicle. Could this be done to other two vehicles such as a taotao moped? If you have done something like this can you send photos or videos it actually working(floating).


I know you probably wouldn't take it out on the ocean. I'm talking about small lakes or calm rivers. Also could you turn the engine off while on the water?

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    If it has the exhaust and intake above the water level, has a waterproof fuel tank, and displaces more water than it weighs, it should be practicable. But not practical if the land-based part involves riding with all the flotation devices. Propulsion and steering on water would offer a problem a paddle-tread on the drive wheel might provide enough propulsion but be inefficient.

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    Basically you have a gasoline powered paddlewheel boat with an extra wheel on the front.  Should work with anything.

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