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How to turn a shed into a music space? ?

You know those sheds you get at Home Depot? The ones that kind of look like houses or mini barns? What’s the best way to go about picking one (shape/size) and making it into a recording space? Is that even possible or are they entirely too small? I would want to be able to fit drums/guitars/recording equipment such as monitors/speakers/mics. Is that all too much for one small space? 

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    Much too small. 


    You need a high ceiling, preferably at least nine or ten feet, 

    to prevent undesirable effects from early reflections. 

    No manufactured shed will give you that. 


    And you also need a lot more square footage than any shed can provide.   


    You have a rather imaginative idea, but a Very Poor one in practical terms.     

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  • 1 month ago

    probably by putting speakers in them

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