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Why does Spotify play the same songs over and over repeatedly?


Ok. Then how do I get it to play

a variety of songs?

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  • 1 month ago

    Spotify will give you results based on your use. If you, for instance, only listen to Nashville then you're going to almost exclusively get songs in that style - maybe a few other country songs thrown in. All you need to do to get new suggestions is to search for different things you want to listen to. If you don't know then try then curated playlists on the browse icon, or the 'radio' icon which will play things related to artists you've previously listened to.

    Because I listen to all sorts of things Spotify's algorithm can't really cope, so it's currently giving me six different daily mixes - at the moment I've got a classic rock one, a neo-soul/funk one, an indie rock one, a jazz one, a modern folk one and a triphop one.

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  • 1 month ago

    Because you ask them to.

    AFAIK, Spotify plays only the songs you ask. If you have your option set to "play similar song after a playlist ends", it dips selects based on current popularity, which is why you would get repeated plays.

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