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Is my mind playing tricks on me?

I have ocd and think of things over and over it is ruining my life but what is new in the past year i can't get out of my head my dad rapes me or touches me whilst i'm asleep iv'e had dreams of him touching me in the past over a year ago about 2 or 3 and it's progressed to thinking this i feel like he is a pervert and really good at hiding it all. What if he isn't and it's all in my mind... I'm really confused if this is my mind playing tricks on me and the ocd it's really uncomfortable living with him. P.s iv'e been abused assaulted by pretty much every guy i have been with and there names keep repeating in my head too which makes my ocd rituals worse to the point i can hardly do mundane tasks so i'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. 

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    Look, if this is really all in your mind and your mind is playing tricks on you, then you could wrongly and falsely accuse your father of a felony and he would go to prison because of it. 

    YOU NEED TO SEE YOUR DOCTOR OR A LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONER for treatment for this immediately.  This is serious.

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