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How many years will (former police officer) Derek Chauvin go to jail for the accidental murder of George Floyd?

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  • Mandy
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    2 months ago

    Poor trolling attempt.

  • J
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    2 months ago

    I don’t see anything accidental here. Chauvin put his knee on Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes, part of which Floyd was unconscious. He knew (or should have known) that could kill him. Civilian members of the crowd could be heard begging chauvin to stop. Floyd was begging for his life. Chauvin was 100% wrong. He had no reason to restrain Floyd in the first place, since Floyd was cuffed and not resisting. There was nothing accidental about this murder. I believe he should be charged with 2nd degree murder. 

    I don’t know how much time he’ll do, but it seems like there’s already a cover up going on. The ME originally claimed in a preliminary autopsy there was no evidence of suffocation or neck trauma and the victim may have died of natural causes. The independent autopsy found the cause of death to be traumatic asphyxiation and lack of blood flow to the brain, and manner of death to be homocide. The final autopsy report by the ME magically changed to find a similar cause and manner of death.

    Chauvin is also charged with 3rd degree murder, which is a very difficult charge to get a conviction on. I know others agree with me that he should be charged with 2nd degree murder. It seems like the DA doesn’t really want to win this case. This is why every state needs to appoint a special prosecutor to handle police brutality cases. The Minneapolis police department shouldn’t be investigating a crime committed by one of their own and prosecuted by the DAs office that works with these cops. 

    People need to stop making excuses for this cop who kneeled on a mans neck while taunting him till he died. He doesn’t deserve sympathy. If you or a loved one is ever arrested, you would hope that the cop acts professionally. Nobody should ever die in police custody unless they are resisting or fighting the police. 

  • Clive
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    2 months ago

    There's no such thing as an accidental murder.  An unlawful killing that is an accident is manslaughter.  And how should I know?  I'm not the judge.

  • 2 months ago

    The DEFINITION of murder includes intent.

    Accidental killing would be some form of manslaughter.

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  • Judith
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    As far as I am concerned there was nothing accidental about that murder.  Chauvin was a trained officer who should have known the effect of what he was doing - and when to stop applying pressure.  It's called manslaughter and he should be doing some serious time for that.  And how are we to know what his sentence will be?  If found guilty it is up to the judge.

    I also think the police with him should be doing time as well - not as much - but they should have intervened.

  • Rick
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    2 months ago

    That's up to the Judge AFTER a Jury finds him guilty ................

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