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Dreamed that guy I'm with cheated on me with another guy? ?

I will go into specifics. I don't like saying "cheating" because we are nothing official, but I love him and it really felt like cheating. (We are taking things slow.) First of all, in the dream,  we met up and went over to his friends house to,  for some reason, do a lot of drugs lol. (I don't really do drugs so this is why it confused me.) We got really high and passed out. I woke up and went to another room just to see the guy I'm with, in bed with another guy that we were hanging out with. In my dream I just started to visualise them sleeping together and it really disturbed and hurt me. And I also dreamt that I tried to make him jealous afterwards by sleeping with this girl who is a friend of his (idk these people irl) anyways we went back and forth of sleeping with people of the same sex to make each other jealous. Weird dream, right? What do you think it means? 

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  • 2 months ago

    It means the same thing if you were sleeping with other men, or he was sleeping with other women.  The reality of the situation in your Life is that it is making you unhappy and that is why this dream came to your mind ..... The difference in the gender of the person both of you are sleeping with is just to make him even more jealous.  You don't want to forget what he is doing to you, and it hurts your feelings, so you do something even more scandalous to get even with him.  You're sleeping with another woman is like saying to him, "See, she is better than you!"  

  • 2 months ago

    It might mean somebody is using somebody else for their money or social status and pretending to love them and care about them to get those things 

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