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Am I better off walking away? ?

I’m 35 I’ve been divorced. I met a girl who is 30. She’s never been married. She seems like a really awesome girl. She’s easy to talk to, generally upbeat, we have similar interests. I’d really like to date her. When I suggested dating she told me that I really don’t want to date her. She said she suffers from bipolar disorder and while she might seem great now she can have really dark moments and that she has a very dark past as far as her bipolar goes. She told me that she feels bipolar people shouldn’t be married and she doesn’t want to have children and put them through it as well and that even if we did date we would probably end up divorced since most bipolar relationships don’t last. I like her a lot and I’d like to at least give it a shot but she’s insistent she doesn’t want to date ever and is content with just having friends around her. I feel awful. She doesn’t come off like she has any type of issues. Should I just let it go and just be friends with her? What does everyone think?

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    Bipolar is an awful mental illness to deal with.  If you can accept her, ALL of her including her "crazy" (because believe me, see her through one manic episode and one depressive episode and you will see what these people suffer through AND put other people through)...go for it.  She is no less deserving, no less a person just because she suffers from bipolar.  But that doesn't discount the very real difficulties of having relationship with such a person.  

    Maybe do some research to educate yourself thoroughly on it, read some first hand accounts both from those suffering from it and those who love them, be open and willing to listen to her experiences with it......and go from there.

    No rush, no expectations but still eyes wide open.

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