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for a capatalist nation they sure did act very socialist when it came to how they got the land the US  is on wonder why?

the us's roots are not capatalist and the fact they protect land not gained by capatalizim is proof they still are not so why do they keep acting like they are?

all land not paid for is not america's so why do they lie and say it is?


debunked: americans don't pay for the land,they pay for the crimes commited against the natives by them that violated their own constituion, that is what reperations is for so it does not count as  buying the land.

debunked: taxpayers do not pay reperations they come out of a dole set up by the goverment in a treaty the us made with the tribes, taxpayers are not the only way the us gets money.

Update 2:

debunked: a capatalist nation does not just take stuff they pay for it and thus no ounce of land that was not traded is the us's land,and the fact the us did do this and still holds unlawfully gained land is proof it is not a capatalist nation now

Update 3:

debunked: "we paid for the land in blood or cash"

no,no they did not as the only people you could have paid were not willing to sell and capatalizim is free trade of goods and services not forced trade of it

Update 4:

"conquered land" the US signed a treaty ackowlageing certain land as the native nations territories they were not at war,thus the treaties broken were a violation of the law at the time.

the us citizens went on land breaking the treaty and took gold that was there and settled towns without payment,that is socalist 

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    well to be honest they did not start as a capatalist nation,

    in jones town there is clear records of the small communitys leader, gathering food into a shed and makeing every one do what they could and giving every one housing and food because they needed it, communisim.

    then some people started to complain about not wanting to feed another mans wife because the man could not work and they started burning down the shed this caused the starvation issue they had.

    when they found gold they started using it as money and forced people to trade it for things they needed even though before they just gathered it on their own.

    but yes they don't own anything they did not buy or was not for sale.

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    as the anon states,the native tribes were not even at war with the americans,criminals murdering people because criminals do what they do is not conquering someone, and fighting back against idiots being criminals is self defence not being in a war.

    the first settlers indeed did use socalisim to attempt to survive and did till some greedy idiots ruined it for every one and ended up causeing a famine by burning all the food.

    and it is true that the us only used pay for what i have with other americans and the french and that one time they traded some things with natives for a small plot of land.

    but there is a large plot of land that is illegally gained,that includes the entire state of wyoming and many others as those lands were acknowlaged in a treaty by the US as native land and protected land,the us violated that treaty,even for those days that makes that act illegal,and the land an illegal profit,

    they did not pay for those lands and many of the citizens that came here also did not pay money they just say fertile land and started using it, that is also not how capatalizim works  

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    Words don't seem to mean what you think they mean.

    Conquest does not mean the same thing as socialism.  It's not even close.  But you can certainly establish a capitalist economy on conquered land.

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    We paid for all the land, either with blood or cash.

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