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dye wont wash out?

dyed blond and than 30 min later another color for vibrant. first time took about 16 min and was pretty good. the next time its not washing out completely clear even after shampooing twice and conditioner they provided. took 30 min and still. also got on my skin and wont come of. is it bad that its not completely washing out? should l be worried? and what to do to wash it?

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    Whenever i dye my hair there’s usually still some color that comes off in the water. I normally just let it be and make sure to wrap it in a towel so i don’t get it on my clothes or sheets. It takes ages to rinse out all the dye. 

    For your skin, it’ll come off in a few days but totally normal. Next time try applying coconut oil around your hair line and face so it doesn’t soak into your skin while you’re dying your hair. It helps a lot! Hope you love how it turned out :) 

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