Opinion on the slaughter of worshippers of the golden calf?

Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD'S side? let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him. 27And he said unto them, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour. 28And the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses: and there fell of the people that day about three thousand men. Exodus 32:26

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  • 2 months ago
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    That, if the passage is accurate, is the beginning of religious warfare. Worse, it persisted for hundreds of years as the followers of Yahveh destroyed the altars and temples of not only Canaanites and Moabites but even of other Jews (who followed El or the Queen of Heaven). That persecution is told at length in the OT.

  • 2 months ago

    My opinion? God wasn't fooling around.

  • 2 months ago

    If it where true only the Levites would be left.  There would be no tribe of Benjamin, no tribe of Judah [ Jews] or any other tribe.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    My opinion means nothing, nor yours. Its the word of Almighty God. He still destroys idolaters one at a time. 

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