What does it mean that I am timed out for some 500 seconds on twitch on a channel's chat? How can I avoid this?

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  • 4 months ago
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    A "Timeout" is a temporary ban on a channel, where ALL your messages in chat (or at least within the "history buffer") is purged.  You will not be able to participate in chat until the timeout expires.  This is usually done as a disciplinary action, either enforced by the broadcaster or a moderator (which can be either human OR bot).  Most moderately sized Twitch streams will likely have a bot on their channel to help enforce their rules.

    The most common violation, which you can easily trip into, is posting a link chat without the broadcaster's or moderator's permission.  Most channels will issue "purge" (a 1-second timeout) on the first offense as a warning.

    Other violations (like hateful speech, offensive / objectionable content, excessive use of emotes, spoilers in general (including fake spoilers), excessively pestering the staff OR bypassing other bans...  IN SHORT: being a complete dick) may result in longer timeouts.

    Repeated offenses may increase the timeout duration, which is measured in seconds (so 500 seconds = 8m 20s).  The other alternative with egregious or multiple violations of rules may result in getting banned (which may be permanent, as it requires either the broadcaster OR a human moderator to repeal this ban).

    TO AVOID GETTING HIT WITH A TIMEOUT, just follow the channel's rules & obey the moderators...  just as simple as that!

  • 4 months ago

    500 seconds is 8 min, 20 seconds.

    To not time out, say something at least once every 8 min, 20 seconds.

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