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STD Paranoia? Or should I be worried?

So long story short I’m gay and made some bad decisions hooking up with multiple people even going as far as having unprotected sex on occasion, stopping about a year ago. I have yet to be professionally tested because I’m a minor still and my parents rarely take me to my pediatrician for “check ups” (probably even less now too because of the pandemic, they don’t want to deal with the chaos that would come with going to a doctors office atm). Recently I have been terrified that I could in theory have something deadly or harmful to my future and not know (syphilis, HIV, ect).

What I know: 

-I took two at home Oraquick tests for HIV one abt a month after my last encounter another abt 5 months. I’m pretty sure I did everything correctly so I’m hoping I’m clear with that.

- I did mostly low(er) risk things(oral). Occasional sex without a condom (receiving and giving likely less then 3x each). And occasionally sex with a condom (probably about the same number wise as without). 

- I was and am still on Doxycycline (50mg) which in theory should have prevented some STDs from causing problems 

- I have had 0 symptoms or signs of being infected, and I did ask my partner if they were safe, but that doesn’t mean too much

-Was partly vaccinated against HPV 1 shot, never got second bc my parents were against it 

What I want to know?

- how likely is it that I have something that could kill me or cause major medical issues or stigma, it’s causing me hella anxiety right now

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    How old are you? On many many states a minor can get STD testing without parental permission-try a STD/free clinic in your area.  Without symptoms at all, more than  likely you do not have some of the STIs. Low sub treatment dose of antibiotics probably would not be that effective, but its hard to generalize.

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