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Part 2- How does this excerpt from my novel sound? I have to break it up in parts cause I can't fit it all on here. ConstructiveCritisimPlz.?

The white line of froth roared and thundered even louder, startling a few beachgoers as it approached closer and closer. The tourists and the locals on the seabed now began to run, heading inland as they tried to outrun the wall of foam. He then began to consider running himself, but his body did not agree with his thoughts as if it were telling him to stay and watch. Suddenly, without warning, the white line began to tower and pick up speed, horrifically swallowing the people fleeing from the seabed as it seemed to accelerate the speed of a bullet train. Everyone began screaming and shouting as the wave continued towards the coast, just feet from the beach. That's when his body finally decided to run. 


I am atualy Jerald, just forgot to switch it from Anonymous...

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