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Should I get a German Sheppard?

I met one at my local shelter, his name was Skeeter, I brought all my family members to meet him. He's great I really like him. We have one kitten and three other dogs (One full grown Corgi a Puppy White Labrador and a puppy Beagle), one Hamster which belongs to my daughter and a tank of hermit crabs. So were very experienced with animals. We have a really big house so we don't have to worry about it being too crowded and we have a really big backyard and front yard our animals can play in. There are 8 people living with us 5 are full grown adults (including me) and 3 children ages 16 11 and 2, we throw parties often and are very social so will that be okay for him. So should we get him? Price is no factor he's amazing oh and he's 16 months old. So please comment on anything I should do to make our house better for him, we already puppy proofed all of our house and if you guys have any tips that will be much appreciated, we also travel about at least once during every month either if it's by air plane or a camping trip. But our other pets have been fine with it and about 75% of the time we bring them with us. So thank you for taking the time to read this I'm a first time German Sheppard owner, but I've lived with animals all my life my parents even own a farm.

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    You say nothing at all about the time you have not only to train/socialise  the puppy and what stage of obedience training it has got, nor the lead walking you do each day....all of what you have said is about you and your lifestyle being over run with animals, children, parties and travel...concentrate on what you have right now

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    As long as you can give the dog an adequate 1-2 hours of exercise a day, then that sounds like a great idea. Exercise is crucial though for a dog like that, since they are bred to be a working dog. If you have a big space for them to constantly run around in, then this shouldn't be a problem.

    Also take note that if they are a purebred German Shepherd, they are prone to health issues later in life, particularly issues with their hips. Not to say they aren't worth the trouble, but just keep that in mind and be ready for the potential for issues.

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes, I think you should.  Get that guy out of the system & into his last forever home.  Sounds like a perfect life for a GSD.  Just keep in mind that every adopted dog come with baggage from their last home, so there may be a few things you need to work on.

    Over the last 50 yrs or so I have taken in the big & bigger dogs cause there just isn't enough room in pounds, shelter or rescues for the really big guys/gals.  I kept about 5 at most any time, zoning limit as to how many dogs I could have.  The more the merrier.

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  • Anonymous
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    No, never buy a breed you can't spell.  It makes you look foolish and annoys the dog.

    You don't appear to be a "first time German Sheppard owner."  You appear to be a "considering adopting a German SHEPHERD" person.

    No, this is not a good match.

    Whatever is the local shelter thinking?  I work in rescue.

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    No, you do not need and should not adopt him.  If he runs out of time (which I doubt) a GSD RESCUE group can be contacted by the shelter - if you do not wish to notify them of his existence there.  

    When did you develop the URGE to "COLLECT" dogs?  You are OVER-DOGGED now!!!  You have not one, but TWO puppies - who need a LOT of training and socialization.  Adding yet another (untrained, adult dog) to the THREE you have, is NUTZ.  

    Does anyone in your home do the weekly GROOMING of all 3 dogs' coats & the nail trimming -(doubtful).  So HOW will you add yet another dog who has a DOUBLE coat (like the Lab) and is a super HEAVY shedder - who can make DAILY "tumbleweeds" of blowing dog hair and of course has fast growing toenails.  If you already entertain a lot, a heavy shedding PROTECTIVE guard dog, is not a suitable choice.

    You have done ZERO research on the GSD breed - since you cannot even SPELL IT.  You will find it is a much more CHALLENGING breed (and just having a large yard or lots of family MEMBERS) is so **NOT** going to "CUT IT".  Being in a yard, is a JOKE (as to exercise) for Labs or GSD.

    You have no plan to even begin to meet the super bright GSD's daily need for BOTH  MENTAL & PHYSICAL exercise needs, NOT to mention providing DAILY **aerobic** exercise for it (not just a walk) as well as for the the OTHER 3 dogs.... you already have.  All of which, are HIGH ENERGY and meant to be WORKING dogs - not just "sit in the house or trot around in the yard" - "pets".  

    How much active training are you doing with them?  How many hours does anyone have, or plan to put into (not just housebreaking) but BASIC obedience training for Skeeter - who is a protective GUARD DOG BREED, who can be like a LOADED GUN - if not carefully trained.

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  • 1 month ago

    First you need to learn how to spell "Shepherd" correctly. Shelter dogs are the best dogs.

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