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Why do Russians and even rich russians live in apartments instead of houses ?

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    In the cities, there are mostly apartment buildings. Partly that's a result of regulations during the Soviet regimen. Most people didn't have cars then, so it was better to live in an apartment near public transportation. A lot of Russians living in apartments in cities have "dachas", or country homes, where they go on weekends and holidays. 

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    Everyone has their reasons. Convenience is one of mine. Apartment houses are located in "sleeping districts" where noise is forbidden after 9:00 pm. Each district is awash with schools, kindergartens (day care), food shops, banks, beauty salons, etc. You can do everything from a 200 yard walk. Land is expensive if there is any available in a sleeping district. THINK. The USSR designed cities as pedestrian areas as few had cars. (Today, about 10 times as many cars vie for a place to park).

    Bear in mind that many Russians have a dacha. A summer house, in addition to residence in a flat. (what we call an apartment) At the dacha is 2-3000, 10,000 sq ft or more for a vegetable and flower garden. Many Russians have an additional real estate in a garage; as up to 2003-2005, no one left their car exposed on the street. Now, half the cars in Russia are parked unprotected on the street. No one bothers them.

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