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Do you feel sorry for men, used by women for money and imigration?

Say a man on a vacation in for example Thailand, falls in love, take her back home to give her a better future, marry her, is as perfect husband as anyone can ask for, only to get divorced. These poor souls who only wanted to give the love of their life a better life. Divorced. Dumped. Used. Thrown away like yesterdays trash.  Do you feel sorry for these poor fellows? 

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    I feel sorry for men who have been used by women, just as I feel sorry for women who have been used by men.  But if they are as foolish as the one in your example I can say that they deserved what they got.  Nemesis at work.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Not at all. If he had married someone in his own country, chances are she would not have married him for a green card and she might have had her own job as 75% of moms are working moms and 50% of the workforce in America are female. It's pretty much a necessity in the US to have two incomes to raise a family. If you can't get a woman in your own country, then accept that the women that are willing to have s*x with you from another only want a green card.

  • wizard
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    5 months ago

    yes  i want to fill sorry

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    There is a certain type of Western male that resorts to women from places like Thailand or Philippines etc. Generally, they are lacking something and women in their own country don't tend to gravitate towards them... So that look to third world countries...

    In a way it's a 'win win' situation.  They get a wife, who has been brought up in a culture where the women is subservient to the men, and the woman gets to leave get country for a better life.

    In a way, they are using each other.

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