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One of my dogs suddenly monger wants to go outside at all when its raining g, and she pees and poops in my bedroom when im.not looking g?


What do I do??? I'm getting angry.  I up after dogs. Another one sneaks a crap in my office room.

Should I do a doggy door? I leave them outside usually for hours and that helps. I live out in the country.

Update 2:

I meant to say no longer.

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    Why wasn't the bedroom door closed so she couldn't do that?  You know she does this so I am wonder why you don't keep her close to you so you can see what she is doing.  Don't give her a chance to go pee or poop in your room.  Close all the doors to bedrooms, bathroom, use a child's gate to keep her in a room that is not carpeted when it is raining.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    There are a few things you can do to try and fix this:

    1) Get a dog door or take your dog out to go pee frequently (ideally once every hour)

    2) Feed the dog regularly twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, to help make their peeing and pooing more regular.

    3) Instead of giving the dog straight-up water in their dish, put ice cubes in there. This way they are still getting a sufficient amount of water, but their bladders aren't full all the time.

    4) Whenever you take them outside to go, praise them for going outside and associate the action with a phrase such as "Go potty."

    5) When you do clean up accidents in the house, use a pet deoderizer so that there are no scents left over. Normal house cleaners often don't do this adequately. By using the pet deoderizer and eliminating the smell, the dog will be less likely to want to pee in the same area as before.

    If you want more advice, I'd reccomend watching a show called "It's Me or the Dog" (yes it has a silly name). The host, Victoria Stillwell of that show often adresses this issue with dogs.

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    Shutting dogs outside won't help in any need to go out with them reguarly and consistantly every couple of hours.......... AND you need to get them on a lead and walk them every getting angry just means they see your energy as weak, that will make them feel insecure/anxious and the toileting issue will get worse and the only one you should be angry with is yourself for your lack of care of your dogs, ALL dogs need lead walking daily off their property regardless of where you live rural or urban

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    When it rains, you obviously need to be PROACTIVE and crate the dogs, to prevent accidents. You also make sure you take them OUTSIDE to eliminate more often; certainly every 3-4 hours so they CANNOT DO IT INSIDE.  You need to be WATCHING, not allowing them back in if they did not DO IT.

    They should not have FREEDOM TO ROAM the home, since they are prone to this - and you can't seem to be "bothered" to be BE more WATCHFUL (and "CATCH THEM IN THE ACT") in order to make a meaningful correction => despite knowing this is MORE LIKELY to happen.  (That's on YOU!)

     If you start WALKING the dogs IN THE RAIN, they will be much more likely to GET OVER this silliness.  (They will not melt, nor will you.)

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    • E. H. Amos
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      No one suggested crating for HOURS on end.  Learn to READ all of the post thoroughly - before responding.

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