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Are these paid protestors trying to get martial law to happen, and hijacked the CNN  fake news building in Atlanta for kicks?

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    At least 1/2 of them are criminals who had been released due to COVID-19 concerns & have been re-offending since their release, 1/4 are gang members & ANTIFA, 1/4 are easily influence greedy millennials. De Blasio was surprised that criminals that  were released were reoffending & Los Angeles Police Chief warned the public that thousands of criminals will re-commit crimes. Criminals having impunity is the transition towards Venezuelan  Socialism for supporting the socialist regime. (D)s have been setting the stage for Socialism since 2007. No justice no peace is a call for criminals to wreck havoc, not protest. Abuse of authority certainly calls for protest, but this is not a protest. These are criminals, thugs, thieves & arsonist as described by Obama when he was in office. It's Ironic that, celebrities, politicians, & protestors supports abuse of authority carried out by Comey, Brenan, Clapper, Obama, Lynch, Rice, Nadler, Schitt… Supporting a preferred abuse of power will turn the USA into Sub Saharan ruled countries, Haiti, ISIS Caliphate, Venezuela, San Salvador, Brazil & even Mexico where corruption is rampant & a way of life. In these Countries Cops shoot 1st & ask questions later is routine & accepted.

    Despite how American socialists (Sanders, AOC & the squad) brand their socialism as Democratic Socialist to mask their true intentions to achieving the end goal of Socialist state control of the economy, industry, property & public by bureaucratic regulations. Everything they propose such as public education (free & mediocre) & universal single payer healthcare (rationed) is straight up USSR, Cuba & Venezuela's play book which Sanders lauds & defends. (Venezuela was praised as Democratic Socialist that was actually Communist with its bureaucrats pillaging oil revenues). These socialist countries don't have state of the art Hospitals & Cadillac Gov. Assist. for all (only 0.0001%) because there isn't enough funds & man power regardless of how much industries are taxed & nationalized. Ultimately all concept or branding of socialism leads to Government owned property of industries, housing, farms, people, long working hours, & NO: dissenting free speech, entrepreneurship, competition, varieties in brands or materials with very little individuality, motivation, & productivity.

    In a Socialist country it is very hard to impossible to be a Millionaire when socialists like Bernie & AOC will take 90% of an entrepreneurs wealth, income, & property. Sanders always touts Sweden (less densely populated homogenous country) as a socialist success where Millionaires & Billionaires thrives from the middle class & the working poor being the ones funding most gov. assistance in Sweden. Bernie & AOC will use every means of pressure & influence in advancing the Green New Deal's socialist agenda funded by the top 21% ($Millionaires/$Billionaires) turning that into the top 0.0001% for the US economy & society to permanently mirror Cuba, Venezuela & N. Korea eliminating most of the rich (except elites in government) & all middle class to exist as income among the rich, middle & poor are flattened to the lowest level.

    Lesson for America: Sweden is not Socialist

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    A nationwide 75% economic shutdown to essentials only is a communist model economy from a pandemic or warfare that plunges 1st world economies into a depression for socialism to takes hold & permanently take over under the Green New Deal (New Communist Manifesto). Anyone who has lived & escaped Venezuela knows this feeling, once all Industries & Private Properties are nationalized. Senate/House (D)s Green New Deal will shape America's economy in line with Venezuela & Cuba where bureaucrats control the economy & profits (ripe for corruptions). Everyone will either be working for the government assigned jobs deemed necessary, or unemployed on rationed gov. assistance & rent free dilapidated apartment in disrepair.

    Bernie & AOC's Green New Deal is designed to destroy America from within & the intent of 3rd world socialist countries to prosper, but only 2nd - 8th largest adversarial or rival countries will. The military will become very ineffective so the US can't be SAVIORS or police of the world. The United States would be ripe for the Taking or break apart into 50 or 10 separate independent countries as its defensive arsenals of carbon emitting internal combustion engines, rocket engines, Jet engines, bombs, missiles, cannon powder... would be out of commission. AOC want to dissolve Homeland Security & the Military so that customs, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, & Airforce can't defend against Drug Cartels, Drug Mules, Drug Dealers, Human Traffickers, Criminal Gangs, Common Criminals, ISIS or Al Qaeda operatives like the Boston Marathon Bomber (Tsarnaev), San Bernardino shooter (Farook), & Florida gay bar shooter (Mateen).

    As the hospitalization curve has been flattened & minimized to safely open in 3 phases, (D) States Governors are doing all they can to prolong the shutdowns seeing the pandemic as an opportunity to erase decades long debt & mismanagement they have incurred from spending more than the high taxes they collect as they scheme with (D) Congress (has power of purse) for a bailout & print endless money regardless of how much the US dollar will deflate in value taking a page from the Venezuelan & Zimbabwean model where $1 is a Trillion in Zimbabwean & Venezuelan currency. The pandemic is resetting the world nations' economies, but 1st world countries have the means to bounce back with their infrastructures in logistic, manufacturing, retail, natural resources, academics, engineering & science. Due to crimes, corruption, & brain drain of special skill, 3rd world economies have no chance to surpass 1st world economies.

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    4 months ago

     Time to engage the NATIONAL GUARD. These folks aren't protesting; they are rioting and looting and setting fires.

     And these Liberal CUCK mayors are catering to them by allowing the destruction of private property.

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    It's like they don't believe in the freedom of the press, just the freedom to riot.  

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