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Why I cant deleted files  with corrupted files names in my USB? Example, the file's name is like a╙√▒>.lt.Ç╞?

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    Its not just the file name thats corrupted, its the file itself. Think of a file like a brick. When its intact, the delete tool can just pick it up and remove it. When the file is corrupt, its fragmented across the disk, like a brick hit with a sledgehammer. You cant just pick up the chunks and brick dust and move it. You either need to reformat the usb, or use specialist cleaning software to repair the file so it can be properly removed

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  • Adrian
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    1 month ago

    That suggests the actual directory is corrupted as well, and possibly the entire drive.

    You cannot delete files easily from a corrupted directory, Windows won't let you. Best to run a chkdsk on that device to see what it reports.

    A Linux based system may be able to read and delete that file, but it may corrupt the USB device even further.

    Your final solution may be to format the USB, and if that fails, odds are 99% the USB device is damaged (ie: died) beyond repair.

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