What is the title and artist of this fantasy postcard of a dragon and woman?

I saw this card at Swords and Sorcery  in 2000 or 2001.  It was oil painted, very realistic and had a Western  dragon on the left and a young woman on the right.   she was thin and a little tan, with long straight  black hair with a center part.  Her hair was over her right shoulder and she also had high cheekbones.  Her shoulders were back and her hands on her hips.  She wore black leggings  and a black bra top, her face and body in left profile.

The dragon was a little  taller than she and was iridescent  green, standing in right profile across  from her.  He smiled sheepishly and he looked like he was starting to say something, a few wisps of light smoke coming out of his nostrils.   I got the impression  he was trying to explain himself to her, especially since her face was forward and her expression looked like "Well?".

This picture is different  from  most fantasy art since it's more humorous and the woman's  clothes  are modern.  The art style is similar to Anne Stokes and Jonathan  Earl Bowser.  I've tried searching these artists and more but can't find anything.  I want to find it again, but I don't know the title and artist.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Rapunzel or maybe pochaontas

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