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How early can i take a kitten from its mother outside?

My outside cat had kittens before we could get her fixed. They are now almost 5 weeks and growing FAST. I noticed they were trying to eat momma cats food at 4 weeks and started feeding them soften kitten kibble (i used kitten formula and extra water). They have been doing very well with eating it and have been using a litter box.

 We have a lot of kids on out street at my dads and im worried they might wander off and get taken by someone (which has happened, some kids even came and took newborn kittens from our driveway under an old car claiming they didnt even though our neighbors saw them and then returned them the next day) We also have quite a few dogs that are outside in the area and tom cats. 

We plan to get the two kittens to a vet and vaccinated then indoors to my moms and later on fixed, i have been allowed to keep one but we want to find an indoor home for the other. My main worry is if they wander off before 8 weeks (minimum age ive seen for taking kittens from momma cat) we've had kittens before from a previous cat that have wandered off early than 8 weeks.    After some digging i found you can take in kittens 5-6 weeks if feral or stray, can this apply to the outside kittens so we can make sure they are vaccinated and fixed to prevent more kittens? (We plan to get our momma cat fixed once the kittens are indoors unable to wander off and make more babies) 


I would like to note we tried making a decent sized wooded pen on our porch to keep them in but our momma cat moved them out once they reached 3 weeks and we tried putting them back she moved them again, they stay on the porch but im worried about how long it will take for them to start exploring further than the porch

Update 2:

I am un able to bring the kittens and momma cat indoors its my grandmas rule. We will be getting her fixed when kittens are no longer at her milk bar. We are going to bring the kittens indoors at my moms hopefully before they run off then we will get them to a vet and vaccinated and later on both fixed i will be keeping one and personally finding a home for the other instead of taking it to a shelter since i know there will be a massive amount of kittens already 

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    Take them outside. They will be fine.

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  • 1 month ago

    Bring mom AND kittens indoors and stop letting mom wander

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      The momma cat has always been an outside cat and knows the area, we can not bring her indoors due to my grandmas rule. We hope to get her fixed soon after we are able to take the kittens

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  • 1 month ago

    Could be any time. They're growing fast and along with that goes their curiosity. Mother will be weaning them any time now if she hasn't already. Yes, mothers will move kittens if they consider they're not in a suitable place, and she'll decide what that place is. If they wander off and call her for help when they find they're lost she'll fetch them back. As they grow more independent she'll be less restrictive and will eventually leave them to get on with it.  When that happens they're no longer her kittens but just more young cats about the place.  You should leave nature to get on with it. Good luck!

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